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Exhibition – Brussels – Belgium


From 11th June to 10th Septembre 2015
9:15 am - 5:00 pm (Monday to Friday)

Cultural Centre
Embassy of Japan

rue Van Maerlant 1
1 Van Maerlantstraat
1040 Bruxelles/Brussel

In 2014 he was given artistic freedom to conceive a work about Japan, in which he is conscious of his Western perception.

Exploring Japan was an old dream, a dream to enter a new land where he knew he was going to be shocked by the modern. This was a world that had evolved hidden and separate for a while, and then catapulted itself into the modern world at unprecedented speed whilst retaining its separate, parallel, and unique conception of life. The reality was stronger than the idea he had, more subtle and sometimes impenetrable. 

Lambert's exploration moves beyond the cliché of the duality of the modern and the traditional. He is fascinated by the coexistence between nature and culture, and having the embodied experience of Japan has enabled him to find answers. He explores how to communicate his experience and reflections through visual representation; photography is the stable vehicle of information, a fertile soil for reflection.

The images exhibited show Lambert's focus on harmony and the opposition between natural elements and architecture. His reflective vision evokes illusions, yet reveals a futuristic world that is at the same time real, in which singular environments coexist.

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